Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fly fishing on the Madison

We got away for a few days last week to visit Emily and Spencer in Bozeman. It had been sooo long since we'd gotten out of town on a fun trip, that it felt like an escape from Alcatraz! Bozeman, MT was bustling with young people, as the home of MSU and was a nice change of scenery and especially eateries! Emily even showed us a gluten free cafe where the bread actually almost tasted like bread and not the usual cardboard with butter! We where planning on canoeing at Highlight Reservoir but alas it was closed for the season for yet two more days! So instead we went shopping for some fishing supplies and a new fly pole for Emily. She found the perfect 8ft 5lb (line) pole in a brand called "Fly Girl"! We checked out the Madison River just a short ways away. (In Montana that means under 100 miles!) The water was eerily warm for the middle of May and there where actually peoples floating in inner tubes and other casual crafts which were unfamiliar to me...something like a wide surfboard in which you stand and paddle with a long stick like paddle. This is on a river mind you and not a lake! I was picturing myself on that thing and losing my paddle! (not a pleasant picture) I really wished I'd had my long lens when, almost on the other side of the river, came one of these board crafts with two dogs in the front leading the way and slowly meandering down the river with their captain paddling in the rear! The fishing wasn't great that day due to the warm water I suspect, but all in all, it was a perfect day to be in, on and near the water in Montana!

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