Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grandbug Quote Of The Week

Grandbug Quote Of The Week!... Acacia's (4yrs) response to her daddy saying, "We don't have extra money now because we had to buy a new well pump today......"Well I got an idea! just find some of those paper moneys (game) and get the ones that say 'Hundreds' on em!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An early taste of winter

 Yesterday was just another warm, dry, late summer day in Montana and this morning we wake up to this! Thank   God for the was nearing a virtual dust bowl!  It happens this way most every year, where we get just an early taste of winter then roll into a long gorgeous fall favorite time of year when it's finally neither too hot, cold nor windy and skies are an intoxicating shade of blue!

I love the golden aspens constrasting against the white snow!

A family of chicadee actually made their home in cute birdhouse we placed for outdoor decor!

Farewell my lovely petunias, I am going to miss your cheerful faces! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Extreme Flyfishing in Montana

Here is Roger's idea of the perfect fly fishing location!  Needless to say why I carry the pepper spray and make him carry the 357!...both of which I feel are a rather false sense of security because when you're on the stream you can really only hear so far around you as the current is drowning out most surrounding noise,  but sometimes a 'false' sense of security is better than none I guess, so long as you are aware of the limitations AND your surroundings.

I would also add to this sign:  Fly fishers-be aware of competition for the fish!
Actually, I would love to capture a shot of a bear fishing here rather than catching one myself here any day!

                                            My favorite shot of the trip, Late afternoon sun.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Manly Montana Christmas stocking is back in the shop!

My original Manly Montana stocking made from upcycled menswear and burlap is back in the shop for the 2013 holiday season. 
This was the second Christmas stocking I listed in the shop and it was an instant hit.  I had designed the original Montana Girly Doily stocking for a very sweet customer and she wanted a companion for her husband that was, well...a little less feminine, so I  summoned the advice of my masculine counterpart and the Manly Montana Stocking was born.  I've learned that men have more going on in their noggins than we might expect sometimes.  Esp. when it comes to design ideas.  It's just that sometimes ya gotta flatter them with your appeals to their masculine point of view!
Unfortunately my Oh So Lovely, "Montana Girly Doily" stocking is on hold this year while a concoct another version of her because my favorite style of vintage "ruffled star doily" has run dry.  I have searched and searched for more, but to no avail!  I have a HUGE stash of other vintage lace, ( I am a doily-a-holic) so I'm  now working on and I'm sure I will come up with the another beautiful sidekick for the Manly Montana soon...stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The young photographer - A Baby Brownie camera and vintage dress.

I had a fun time shooting photos of my granddaughter shooting photos of ordinary objects around her home with a vintage Baby Brownie camera.
I found the sweetest vintage girls dress a while back  A pale green sheer pinafore dress from the 50's or 60' that resembled something I would have worn growing up in the 60's.  Green was even my favorite color as a child.  "The Baby Brownie Special" camera was Rogers moms camera when she was a young girl.  It was introduced in 1939 at the cost of 1 whole dollar and .25 cents! I couldn't believe that there was actually an old roll of film in the camera that was only partially used so Acacia is actually taking photos here!  I can't wait to see what mystery pictures from possible 60 years ago are also recorded!!  Yep...I am officially a vintage model myself which is what made this photo shoot so special besides my adorable and inquisitive granddaughter.

In spite of that sobering fact...I still feel like I'm five whenever I'm behind the lens of my camera.  The camera has a way of  focusing ones attention on the amazing in the ordinary and important things in life.  Whenever I am having a hard time focusing.or prioritizing, I pick up my camera and after a few thoughtful shots, my "Pooh Bear" brain is usually back on track again.

 Here I experimented with some simple photo editing tools in Picasa.  The above photo I lower the saturation a tad for a softer more faded look. The photo below has a bit of glow added for an airy, ethereal feel.
 Below I have used the focal B/W tool which happens to work perfect on round objects such as this pumpkin.  I simulates the hand tinted photos of days gone by which I love.

The Black and white filter here is just right for this vintage camera and dress photo.  Adorable!
Acacia swinging on the tire-less tree swing

Friday, June 29, 2012

Grandbug quote of the week: Today is Acacia's 5 birthday. When her mom picked picked her up to say 'happy birthday, today you are 5 years old', she replied by saying: Am I heavier today?!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guess the Montana Lake Location Contest

I thought it would we fun to start a weekly contest to give away a fine art photo featuring one of my favorite subjects: Montana scenes, floral, pop, vintage and more. This one will be a 8x10 or 8x12 scene of a beautiful lake in Montana or a 3 note card set featuring different scenes from this special place. Simply subscribe or follow by email to to stay attuned to each new contest! Just be the first person to guess what beautiful lake in Montana this is and you win! Winner will be announced as soon as the right response is guessed. Hint: It is not in Yellowstone Park or Glacier Park. It has crystal clear water where you can see the bottom a long ways from the shore. Sorry no family members, as you all know my whereabouts (usually)!