Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Manly Montana Christmas stocking is back in the shop!

My original Manly Montana stocking made from upcycled menswear and burlap is back in the shop for the 2013 holiday season. 
This was the second Christmas stocking I listed in the shop and it was an instant hit.  I had designed the original Montana Girly Doily stocking for a very sweet customer and she wanted a companion for her husband that was, well...a little less feminine, so I  summoned the advice of my masculine counterpart and the Manly Montana Stocking was born.  I've learned that men have more going on in their noggins than we might expect sometimes.  Esp. when it comes to design ideas.  It's just that sometimes ya gotta flatter them with your appeals to their masculine point of view!
Unfortunately my Oh So Lovely, "Montana Girly Doily" stocking is on hold this year while a concoct another version of her because my favorite style of vintage "ruffled star doily" has run dry.  I have searched and searched for more, but to no avail!  I have a HUGE stash of other vintage lace, ( I am a doily-a-holic) so I'm  now working on and I'm sure I will come up with the another beautiful sidekick for the Manly Montana soon...stay tuned!

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