Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Nurse's Day!

I created this blog many moons ago (last August) but today is actually my first blog post.  I am a writer by no means but I have a passion for photography and hope to share a small window of my world through here.

Today is National Nurses Day which is celebrated on May 6th and opens National Nurses Week which ends on the 12th, the birthdate of Florence Nightingale, so I'd like to share a photo and greeting card in my collection of  Karie's Cardiology that I took of my adorable granddaughter and her dolly with her mamma's stethoscope a couple years ago with a famous Helen Keller quote.

 I was always fascinated with the story of Helen Keller when I was young and still find it amazing to think that she was able to learn to read and speak and graduate from college and go on to become one of the greatest minds in our time, without the advantages of neither sight or hearing and yet her mind and her heart where still open to all the wonders of the world!  Such an inspiration for us all!

Acacia, my adorable granddaughter, with her dark sweeping lashes is a pure joy and an inspiration in my work.
Her mamma, my lovely daughter BethAnn is LPN and is working on becoming an RN. My youngest Emily is also studying to become a nurse. I think they will make wonderful nurses because they both have tender hearts and sharp minds.

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